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Web Design Services

Don’t Spend Another Second on the Most Maddening but Essential Asset of 21st Century Business.Your Website Design.

Digital SOC Will Build and Maintain Your Online Customer Gateway

It devours your time. It makes you want to tear out your hair. And the complications never seem to end.

Unless you just love tinkering with ever-changing backend technology, setting up and running a website is the single greatest barrier preventing the growth of your business. Not because you don’t believe in it. But because you just hate doing it. And you can’t afford to waste any more time in online courses, webinars, and help screens that make everything seem simpler than it is.

You just need a website that works, doesn’t take any time to manage, and most importantly – attracts leads and makes sales.

3 Website Options – Custom, Semi-Custom, and E-Commerce

Digital SOC offers three types of websites. The one you choose depends on your budget and your type of business.

Custom Websites

Get a website that does what you want and looks right. We will custom-build your own personal theme and create the functionality that will help you meet your lead-generation and sales goals.
Our design and coding process is completely scalable, so your site can grow as your business grows. Scroll down to see the 9 web development components you get with a custom website.

Semi-Custom Websites

For businesses just starting out or with smaller budgets, we have pre-designed several layouts that we will adapt to the specific images and messaging your business uses. This design option is faster and less costly, and still offers all 9 web development components you’ll see below.

E-Commerce Websites

Selling services or products directly online? That means you need payment systems, design, and functionality that differ from traditional websites in certain ways. An e-commerce site allows you to display and sell products and services and collect payments in a secure manner. The setup process is different, especially on the backend.

We build e-commerce websites using the Shopify and Woo Commerce platforms. You just have to sit back and watch. We will:

    • Customize a pre-approved template for your business, brand, and products
    • Add all your products to the site
    • Connect your payment gateway
    • Set up your shipping
    • Fully test it all before your site launches


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What You Get – 9 Web Development Essentials We Take Care Of

We build all our websites on WordPress. Our custom designs look just as good as expensive custom sites some businesses pay lots of money to get. Once we’ve built your site, we’ll add your content and graphics, and install and configure the plugins that will make your site do everything you want it to do.

And once it’s going, you can keep your hands (and worries) off your site with our flat-fee support service. [note to Brian: link to the unlimited support page] Here are the 9 web development services you get through Digital SOC.

Unlimited Design Revisions

If we build it, and you don’t like it, we’ll change it until you do. We’ll keep revising your site until you love it, at no extra charge!

Wordpress Powered

Your site will be built in the most up-to-date version of WordPress, the world’s leading web platform service. Your business will be powered by the most flexible and simple content management system – the same one many big businesses use.


15 Pages to Start

You’ll get 15 pages on your site as part of the initial setup – included at no extra charge. You can continue to add up to 5 new pages per month after that with a support package. (Note: We do not write your content. We add it to your site and design it).

Two Web Forms – Customized

Web forms help you capture visitors and turn them into leads and customers. We’ll design up to two customized forms you can start using immediately.

Social Media Integration

If you have any social media sites – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc – we’ll add the icons and widgets your customers will look for to stay engaged and find out about your up-to-the-minute offers and special deals.

Videos & Images

We’ll take your images and videos, and use them to make your website one of a kind. Your brand will be clear and distinct, and your visitors will want to see more.

No-Limits Hosting & Storage

Regardless of what kind of business you run, we include unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Use all the videos, images, and PDFs you want on your site. We will have room to store them.

Website Support Service

For just $15 a month, rest easy knowing you’ll have unlimited WordPress and hosting service. That means an always updated and secure site for a single flat fee that you don’t have to touch.

Technical Support

The same $15 fee also includes tech support for any problems you have with your site, including hosting issues. Just contact our team, and we’ll get it fixed.