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Veteran-Owned Business Personal Coaching

Are You a Veteran-Owned Business owner Wanting to Explode Your Profits? Then This Is for YOU.

The Secret’s Out:

‘Free’ Veteran Business Resources Collect Dust while Vet Hustle-Coached Businesses Thrive and Prosper

Have you had enough with veteran business ‘charity’?

There are tons of groups giving out free resources to veteran-owned businesses like yours. But what does all this free stuff get you? PDFs, booklets, notes, and CDs full of stuff you don’t have time to put into play. And no one to help you.

Meanwhile, you’ve got a business to run, customers to serve, and product to move! The free stuff just doesn’t get it done. All the free mentors in the world aren’t worth a dime if they don’t call you back when you need them. Same with free marketing support.

Here’s the reality: There’s one simple reason your business isn’t growing like it should. You don’t market well enough. That’s it. And there are two reasons this will never improve if you don’t take drastic action – today – to change:

3 Reasons You Don’t Do Enough to Market Your Business

  1. Lack of Time
  2. Insufficient Funds
  3. Limited Expertise

When you were a soldier, you mostly had to take orders from someone else. But as a business owner, it’s up to you to make it happen. Here’s the secret to success in business (hint – it’s not really a secret):

Business success lives and dies with marketing success.

If your business is kicking butt and taking names, then you’re doing something right in your marketing.

However, if your business is struggling, you can blame your marketing for that too.

But this is good news!

Why? Because you can do something about it.

It’s not about price. Nor is it about the product. Or about customer service. Yes, all those things matter (a lot!), but if you have all those things and lousy marketing, your company will still struggle.

If you want your business to stop owning you (meaning – sucking every ounce of spare time you have and threatening your livelihood if you dare to take a week off), then it’s time to market as if your life depends on it.

Here’s the marketing you should be doing.

Marketing Fundamentals

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How’d You Do?

If you’re like most veteran-owned businesses, you aren’t doing most of that.

Social media? Most businesses are failing at it.

Email and internal marketing? Do you do any marketing to previous customers? Any idea how many of them are coming back or disappearing?

Scariest question of all for most businesses: How’s your website doing?

Be encouraged: Most business suck at marketing. So after you get yours humming, you’ll be heads and shoulders above most of your competition.

The Two-Part Solution to Veteran Business Marketing Woes

  • Get an actively-involved expert marketing coach

One-on-one attention has no equal. You need someone who will learn your business, figure out a marketing plan that will launch you to the next level, and then go and get it done.

How will he get it done? Read on:

  • Done-for-you marketing services

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Marketing Consultation

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This is the only way for a typical business to do consistent, pound-the-pavement marketing that works. You’ve got to outsource it.

And the best of both worlds is when your marketing coach also does your marketing work, or partners with someone who does. That’s what we do for your business.

Vet Hustle offers marketing coaching – customized attention to help your business grow. And we’ve partnered with Thrive15 to implement the marketing you need done.

All you have to do is schedule a 30 minute free call with us, get your questions answered, and decide if this is finally the time to get serious about taking your business higher, farther, and faster than you’ve ever seen or done before. Click the button to get started – but only if you’re serious about growing.

Personalized coaching and done-for-you marketing aren’t something to do if you want to stick with the way things are. Here’s what will change:

Personalized Veteran-to-Veteran Business Coaching

Vet Hustle founder Brian Zimmerman has his own story of post-military business success. And now he works with veteran businesses to help them grow too. Here’s what you get with personalized coaching:

  • Weekly business coaching – the outside voice and ‘extra set of eyes’ your business desperately needs
  • Initial consultation and coaching call
  • Nuts and bolts marketing plan – what the free stuff simply can’t deliver (and the most valuable and vital tool of marketing for any business)
  • Connections to tons more resources you’d never find on your own (because you don’t have time!)

Vet Hustle’s approach is so personalized and empowering that you’ll feel more confident about your business and future after a single 30 minute conversation.

But once things start moving, Vet Hustle will connect you to the done-for-you services we’ve partnered with.

Complete Done-For-You Marketing Services

Marketing Systems developed specifically for veteran-owned businesses

Business-Focused Web Presence

Customers assess the quality of your service by how well your website works for them. We build well-designed, clean, customized websites that serve your customers and generate leads.

Online Ad Management for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Our customized pay-per-click (PPC) ads and back-end ad management will deliver new leads and customers to your business.

Business Reputation Management

Over 90% of buyers say positive online reviews played a role in their purchasing decision. We’ll help your business gain good reviews and new customers.

Enhance Your Mobile Business

More and more people use mobile phones to shop and inform themselves about businesses and products. We’ll create a mobile-friendly online presence for your business. This is vital for strong SEO too!

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll help your business grow and eventually dominate organic search engine results.

Video Production

Research suggests that video and content will drive nearly 80% of online traffic within the next five years. We’ll make sure your business doesn’t miss out on this ‘growth-agitator.’


Does your business need these services done for you, or do you have the time, expertise, and motivation to do them all yourself?

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Did You Know You Can Automate All Your Advertising and Marketing in One Place? (Psst – but not with all those free services)

Here’s more about some of our done-for-you tools

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Internet Marketing – the Most Vital and Most Challenging Part of Marketing for Veteran Owned Businesses

If you are not easily findable online – whether in search engines or social media – then your business is invisible. And once a lead does find you, your site needs to thrill them and turn them into a satisfied customer. But to create a world-class business site requires a team of people few businesses can afford or have the time to deal with – graphic designers, social media marketers, copywriters, web developers, photographers, videographers, SEO specialists, and a marketing expert to manage them all.

This is all done for you through our service and partnerships.

Pay-Per-Click Online Ad Management

How much business does your website generate? A professional PPC plan works in both the short-term and the long-term. We’ll find your ideal buyers using Google Adwords. You’ll expand visibility and reach new customers and buyers.

Social Media Marketing

Google is good, but it’s not enough. Facebook and other social media networks get used by billions of people, worldwide. We’ll find your target audiences on these networks and take full advantage of the marketing tools these networks offer.

Email Marketing and Customer Retention

There is no better way to retain and re-sell to current and lapsed customers than email. Our team will help you design and implement an email marketing plan that keeps your best buyers happily coming back for more.

100% Mobile-Responsive Website Creation

Every site we create will display in a friendly way whether potential customers are seeking you on a smartphone, PC, tablet, Mac, or whatever else gets invented. Your site will be easy to navigate across all platforms.

Dominate Organic Traffic with SEO

The done-for-you services we offer deliver an optimized website that will bring your business the free organic traffic it needs to thrive from new leads and converted customers. We only use ethical SEO, canonical, rule-compliant strategies that won’t angry the Google overlords (or your customers). You’ll improve your visibility and reputation.

Text-Based Marketing

More and more buyers today don’t answer their phones (kind of defeats the purpose of having one, you might say!), especially if the number is unidentified. We’ll create a text-based marketing campaign that will help you capture leads via text message – and turn more leads into paying customers.

We Promise You One Thing: Your Business Will Never Be the Same

We’re veterans just like you, and we want to stand together and build something that lasts. We want to see your business grow. We want it to be more than a job. A job owns you. But when you started a business, the point was more freedom, not less.

Get one-on-one coaching and done-for-you marketing services through Vet Hustle, and watch your business thrive and prosper more this year than in the last five years combined.

Fill out the form below and let’s talk about the future of your business. Let’s talk marketing!

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