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Veteran owned business Logo is often more advanced. And highlights that the owner has served in the military. It has a stylish design to distinguish itself in the market. Along with fellow veterans and clients in the wide market to patronize the brand. The Logo is a unique and powerful asset. It creates a great visual of the brand.

A Logo is as good as the product. Many Veteran entrepreneurs find that a simple Logo is needed to identify a brand. And this can as well boost the brand in the market. There are some basic things needed to take note of when designing a Veteran owned business Logo.

The basics will be shared as we examine successful veteran business Logos and their Entrepreneurs.

1. Keeping it Simple

The FedEx Corporation Logo is one that says it all. Owned by Frederick W. Smith, a marine veteran. FedEx is an American Multinational Corporation courier delivery services company founded in 1973. The FedEx Logo is short for Federal Express.

Initially, the organization was delivering goods to U.S cities before spreading its tentacles to other parts of the world. When asked what principles guided him to his achievements. Frederick said: “It’s the leadership tenets that I learned in the U.S. Marine Corps during my service in Vietnam”.

We could further tell that the simple Logo of the corporation made it easy to identify. Thus, if you want your Veteran owned business Logo to be easily recognized, let it be simple.

Spartan Media is another organization with a simple yet distinctive Logo. Not having to search further, you can easily guess the Logo in an array of many Logos. It is very simple and directly indicates the organization name. Jeremy Knauff was able to come up with this simple Logo and is making his mark in the market.

Have you seen the BMNT Logo? The BMNT Partners was founded in 2013 by five different force men. The Logo just has some bold dots vertically inclined by the left side of the alphabets BMNT. It is not just simple, it is also unique in its own.

2. Unique

A good Veteran owned business Logo should distinct the company from competitors. The market place is so broad that there are many strong competitors out there. An organization like Arx Pax that has a distinct Logo which can be easily noticed anywhere.

Arx Pax is a silicon valley technology owned by Greg Henderson, a US Army Infantry. As a result, he invented the patented SAFE Building System and Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA) used in its Hover Engines. Arx Pax is a top veteran owned business with a distinct Logo. And just established in 2012, it is able to keep up with top competitors.

A distinctive Logo helps users remember the brand, and makes it easy for them to describe it to others. A complex logo makes that more difficult. And a customer might end up describing another organization Logo.

Heroes Vodka has a unique Logo that hugely represents the military. Anytime, a force man does not need to be persuaded to get a Hero Vodka. As the Logo clearly represents the Military. However, one might decide to try the product out to verify the drink of the Military.

There is no better way to rep a passion than putting something that indicates the passion. Veteran businesses are making waves in the American market in recent times. Therefore, it would be worthy to crest a Logo. One that indicates a veteran has Travis McVey did.

3. Moderate

The Chris Finan inspired Manifold Technology Logo is a moderate sized simple logo. It distinguishes the high-performing and secure financial system of the organization. Manifold Logo in a blue color is easy to spot in a cue of Logos.

A good Veteran owned business Logo should be basic enough to fit in on letterhead. Also in print ads, and in the video. Hence, good graphic designers know that what looks great in a site banner might not work on a brochure. Or vice versa. Thereby craft a logo that looks good no matter what.

Many Vet-owned businesses use red, white, and blue colors in their Logos.

These colors signify the patriotism of the United States as found in the American Flag by American Veterans. However, other countries veterans might feel they have to use their country’s flag color. Some companies have the flag in their logo designs.

Others find that a bit pretentious. So they change the approach by using red, white, and blue more in their logo designs. Moreover, you do not need to choose a color from the country’s flag to be known as a veteran. Many companies owned by veterans don’t try to attract customers by appealing to their patriotism.

A Veteran owned business Logo in itself can be a huge selling point. But in order to hold on to customers, quality goods and service has to be rendered.