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The best way to help veterans succeed in business is by learning to think outside the box. You need to be embracing new approaches, new tools and new perspectives that your business rivals are not. Especially when these tools or approaches are grounded in science and based on data.

Take sleep, for example.

There’s starting to be a lot of data about the science of sleep. And researchers are finding out more about the mysterious power of sleep. It might just be the case that sleep can be your secret weapon in the business world.

Sleeping better could be a way to reduce stress. Improve brain cognition. And boost your overall energy level. Those are all key factors to help veterans succeed in business, right?

But now comes the big twist – what about sleeping naked?

It turns out that sleeping naked is more natural for your body than sleeping with pajamas. And can lead to better performance. Yet, by some estimates, only 8 percent of people in the nation sleep naked.

So you could immediately have an edge on over 90 percent of your rivals if you sleep naked. Here are just some of the ways that sleeping naked can help veterans succeed in business.

#1: You will reduce the stress in your life and think more clearly

It can be extremely stressful being an entrepreneur. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, as well as plenty of stressful situations. So it only makes sense that you should be looking for ways to reduce all that stress.

It turns out that sleep can be a great way to reduce stress. During sleep, the brain removes toxic proteins from the neurons in your brain. The by-product of all your daily neural activity.

By getting rid of those toxic proteins, you are freeing up your brain to perform even better. That manifests itself in the form of better focus and greater clarity.

And you can improve these effects even more by sleeping naked. Researchers found that you will get a deeper, more invigorating night of sleep if you reduce your skin temperature.

And what better way to reduce your skin temperature than by shedding that extra layer of pajamas?

#2: You will improve your overall health and have more energy

Even non-scientists know that sleep has a special restorative power. It enables the body to recharge and heal. If you’re working out a lot, for example, sleep is the best way to help your body recover. And the same goes for the business world. If you have been working manic 18-hour days, then sleep is a great way to restore and recharge.

As a result, you will have more energy to carry out all the strategies outlined for your company.

Sleeping naked takes this one step further. Keeping yourself cool actually, speeds up the body’s metabolism and improves blood circulation.

According to a study from the National Institutes of Health. Keeping cool during sleep makes it possible for your body to burn more fat. And the more fat you burn, the healthier you become. So sleeping naked is really a way to ratchet up the health effects of a good night’s sleep.

#3: You will build your self-confidence and become a better leader

Ever noticed that people in great physical shape tend to wear less clothing than people out of shape? They are the ones walking around in shorts and tank tops. While everyone else is trying to cover themselves up by wearing baggy clothing.

That all manifests itself as more self-confidence. The mere fact of being comfortable with your body leads to more self-confidence. Leading to a situation where more people want to be around you.

So sleeping naked might actually be a way to make yourself more comfortable in your own skin (literally). You might not be in the greatest physical shape. But the mere act of being comfortable with your weight will manifest itself as self-confidence. You’ll learn to enjoy looking in the mirror and smiling.

Then, when you get to the office, that self-confidence will come off as improved leadership skills.

People will be drawn to you. You won’t know why at first. It can all be traced back to self-confidence. But the data shows that people who are self-confident earn more money and get promoted more. They are also more likely to become entrepreneurial successes.

#5: You will boost cognitive performance and become a better business thinker

Scientists have shown that a good night’s sleep can help your brain process information better. Solve problems faster, and come up with more creative solutions. In short, good sleep leads to better cognitive performance.

That’s especially important when you are running your own business. You want to make sure that you are always on top of your game. You need to work harder than the competition, and you also need to be smarter than the competition.

So you can immediately see why sleep is so important here. It’s a way of helping your brain recharge each night. So that you wake up each morning feeling very sharp and creative. And that could have a very real impact on the bottom line of your business.

In at least five different ways, then, sleeping naked will help veterans succeed in business.

You can think of sleeping naked as the extra edge that helps you out-think and outperform your rivals. 7 hours of sleep each night is good. But 7 hours of sleeping naked is even better.

It gives you a little extra boost, in terms of reducing stress. Thinking more clearly. Coming up with more creative solutions to business problems. And boosting your self-confidence. All of that can essentially help veterans succeed in business.

If you’re sleeping better than ever before, it could very well make all the difference between success and failure. So put away your pajamas and try out a simple strategy that your rivals aren’t even thinking about. You might just become healthier, smarter and stronger by sleeping naked.