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The Secret is Becoming Better At Marketing Our Veteran-Owned Businesses

Your job can’t guarantee your financial future. Your military pension can’t either. And your life circumstances can cause it to unravel.

Building a successful veteran-owned business can be your ticket. It’s about getting more customers and developing systems in your business.

All it takes is one medical crisis, a divorce or other family emergency, a lost job, or an unforeseen large expense in your middle or later years, and now you have to reduce your financial expectations and possibly give up on dreams and goals you’ve been looking forward to.

But even without a crisis, if you’re like most veterans, you know you’re behind on savings. Starting and building a successful business can be your opportunity to live a lifestyle by design. People are living longer, and the retirement savings that would have done the job 30 years ago won’t be nearly enough now.

It’s about veterans starting and growing successful businesses. Here at Vet Hustle, we help you get more customers and show you ways and resources to growing a successful business.

Over half of American veterans have less than $10,000 saved.

The most successful people in America are business owners. Why not be a successful or more successful veteran entrepreneur yourself?

The solution to the savings crisis is not to spend four more years and tens of thousands on yet another degree to please some hiring agent at a company that will lay you off in five years anyway. Therefore, the answer is not to take out a huge loan on a fast food franchise that will be a ton of work and will leave you enslaved to your business.

The answer – the secret for any veteran who wants to escape financial uncertainty – is much closer and more practical than those old-school methods.

And so the answer lies in the skills, interests, and passions you already possess. It’s about creating a business that that has more leads and customers than your time. It’s about learning the systems in processes to handle those customers, and it’s about you having systems, so the business isn’t dependent on you. 

Vet Hustle helps with getting you, customers. We share insights and resources for you to succeed in business.

The good news is, regardless of age, gender, race, where you live, or even if you have a combat-related disability, veterans have lower poverty rates than non-veterans.

That means you can do this!

Other veterans before you have succeeded in starting businesses, and you can too.

But in today’s online economy, starting a business looks very different from how it did 40 years ago. And a college professor who’s never sold a thing in his life isn’t the person to help you figure out how to do it.

You need real systems and training.

‘Free’ Isn’t the Way to Freedom

Most of the other veteran programs can’t deliver what you need. They offer a lot of free resources, but you’re on your own in trying to utilize them all. What do you do first? There’s no one guiding you through the process. There are a million things to do when starting a business. You’ll need consistent help to get off the ground.

What do you do first? There’s no one guiding you through the process. There are a million things to do when starting a business. You’ll need consistent help to get off the ground.

There’s no one guiding you through the process. There are a million things to do when starting a business. You’ll need consistent help to get off the ground.

But don’t they promise mentors? Some do, but how invested in your venture will a mentor be if they aren’t getting paid? Oh wait, they do it to help veterans. Yes. I know they do, but they still won’t care as much as you do.  They have to eat too. Things that have immense value, like business startup help, cannot be given away for free. Someone, somewhere, has to pay, whether in time or money. Money can be donated. But time? 

Someone, somewhere, has to pay, whether in time or money. Money can be donated. But time? 

Time is your most valuable asset. You can spend that time on production or listen to theory.

Success lies in the details, not in the vision. And details don’t get done for free.

The point is – any “free” mentor will hard to get a hold of because they’ll prioritize their pay over you. Plus, these programs are usually tied to universities or non-profits, so their whole system is linked to some sort of long wait or “application”. 

That means everything takes forever, the life and business application are uneven, and the measurable benefits are hard to pin down.

The Vet Hustle Difference – Answer This Question

Choose A or B. Which would you rather have:

A: Your business up and running in less than a year, or

B: Some free resources and mentors and courses but still no business five years later?

Do you want a job, or do you want the same freedom you’ve given through your service?

These free resources act like you’d expect something free to act. Long wait times. Not getting called back. Delayed follow-through. One vet we know had to wait six months just to get a logo designed. Would you rather wait six months for a “free” logo, or pay a little bit of money but have one in a week?

If it’s free, but takes five years to get going, then you’ve lost five years of income you could have been earning. Is that really “free” then? “Free” actually costs you more than just getting it done now and earning income sooner.

That’s what Vet Hustle was created to give to any military veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to take charge of their financial future.

Start Your New Business – This Year

You can’t afford to leave your financial future in the hands of the government or an employer you hope won’t lay you off in the next financial crisis.

All you need is a good idea, and someone to take you one step at a time through the process of planning, starting, and eventually running your own income-generating side-business.

Vet Hustle exists because we know what it’s like when you leave the military and enter the workforce. You get a pension and health care, but not much else.

That’s just not enough income. Financial uncertainty is pressing in on you from the questions everyone faces:

  • How do I provide for my family?
  • What can I do to ensure their future and our eventual retirement?
  • How can I pay off my debts and stop worrying about money?
  • There must be a way to generate some additional income!

There is. And it doesn’t have to mean working an extra 30 hours a week or quitting a job you may already have.

And you don’t have to be an expert. It’s not about expertise – it’s about capitalizing on a good idea that fits your lifestyle, and putting in the work to make it a reality. The expertise comes once you get going.

The Right Idea

Find the right idea for your goals, skills, and lifestyle


Learn how to profit off that idea with a new side-business in less than 15 hours per week.

The Right Idea

Build that business with support from us and our community.


Enjoy your new sense of financial security!

This isn’t a career shift. It’s a career expansion. You’re amplifying your current income. If one day you decide you want to completely shift careers, the great news is, by that time there won’t be anything to stop you because you’ll have all the tools, skills, and confidence to make it happen.

Vet Hustle’s mission – is to help military veterans start and grow successful businesses. To help veterans have more customers, so they can make the money that is required to live their dreams. 

Veteran-Owned Business Logos

Free Veteran-Owned Business Logos.

Our Core Values


Provide the veteran with a custom solution that fits their goals, needs, and desires.


Understand what is happening in their customer getting process.


Stick together and help each other


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